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Al-Burz has been registered with new ISSN 2071-9477 (Print) ISSN 2521- 408X (Online).

Al-Burz Volume & ISSN 2071-9477 (Print) will be published on 20th December 2017.

Submit your Manuscripts till 25th September 2017.

Dear Contributors before submitting your Manuscripts follow the Al-Burz Guidelines.

Scope & Focus of Al-Burrz

Al-Burz is an open access journal which focus on publishing original and peer reviewed research papers on all aspects of Languages, Literature, Linguistics, Culture and History. And the topics include but not limited to

⚬ The Knowledge Base of Language, Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language

⚬ Collaborations & Practices of Language

⚬ The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition

⚬ Voice input and output, Phonology and morphology

⚬ Lexical semantics and word sense, Grammars, syntax, semantics and discourse

⚬ Literature and Film / Language and Power

⚬ Language and Gender / Language and the New Media

⚬ Role of Balochistani and Asian languages in globalised contexts

⚬ Language, Identity and Culture/ Language and Literature

⚬ Legal translation and courtroom interpreting/ Research on legal language teaching

⚬ Impacts of CPEC on Balochistani languages and Literature.