Volume 3 Number 3-Dec-2011


01: Livestock; Topic for Poetry in Brahui folk lore

Ababakki.G.Hyder, and Shahwani.S.Ahmed

Pages: 1-25


This research article has two main objectives, firstly it shows the economically importance of livestock, in Balochistan. It was the only medium of regional economy in past of nomadic life of our forefather. This was used as export and import from one place to another. The word "Bahgea" reflects the richest family or personality in the earliest society. Live stock was the unique way to promote market. Secondly the core objective of this article is to recall that portion of Brahui folk lore, where the animal, mammal were main subject of Brahui khalki poetry. This research article would be source of fundamental information about live stock especially about Goats. The "Shohan" or poets make classification between their Goats through preserving their colures in Brahui folk lore. This article has adopted descriptive and comparative approach.


Livestock, Brahui folk lore, Bahgea, Shohan, Goats

Ababakki G.Hyder is Brahui writer and Shahwani S.Ahmed is with department of Brahui, University of Balochistan, Quetta.

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02: The Political Background of Durkhani School of Thought

Hayyat G

Pages: 26-36


This research article is about Durkhani School of thoughts, its origin and political objectives of religious intellectual. It discusses the political background of Balochistan and the role of a religious scholar. Although Molanas worked in reaction of British government and their conspiracies but they literary planed to promote Brahui language. The major subject of this article is to found out the conspiracy roots of English Agents how they made and used Brahui language as a weapon or tool of religion. Secondly this shows the literary characteristic of Durkhani Teachers that their role is not motivational regarding fiction. At the end article resulted with recommendations that it needs to research out the literary deficiencies of that period and personalities. The analytical and descriptive approach of research has been adopted to complete the article.


Maktab-e- Durkhani, religious intellectual, conspiracy roots

Hayyat Ghamkhuar is Brahui poet and short story writer.

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03: The Evolution and Responsibilities of Brahui Literary Organizations

Zaheer A.Waheed

Pages: 37-44


In this article the role of literary organization has been discussed, it further illustrates the three dimensional affiliation of society, literature and organizations. How they important for each other? Literary circles in shape of non-profiting organization have essential function for national integration to make peace and harmony in any country. In this article the support of government has criticized. The main subject of this article is too discussed and discloses the responsibilities of Brahui literary organization which are more than twenty. Despite of above the department of Brahui, Radio Pakistan Quetta centre and Television, they projected and promote the Brahui literature. It conclude with recommendations that interior Balochistan the bulk of organization spreading very low scale of literature which is caused to reduce the standard. The comparative method has been implemented to complete this article.


Literary circles, Brahui Department, national integration, criticized.

Zaheer A. Waheed is Brahui Novelist and Columnist.

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04: Translation Studies in Brahui Literature

Rodeni M.Yousaf

Pages: 46-73


This article shares the basic and primary information about the translated literature in Brahui language. It reveals that before Brahui fiction the translation has played its vital role to strengthen the Brahui literature. Basic religious knowledge has been translated in to Brahui language. Translation has been promoted in large scale in period of Maktaba. This article informs that the subject of translation has observed in old and modern Brahui literature. In modern literature the requirements of translation are different than the old one. Now the fiction and short stories of world's well-known writers are being translated in Brahui. Which increased the importance of translation in literature and translation is being taught as a separate subject in Brahui. Descriptive study has been adopted for this article finally it ends with the justified and fruitful recommendations that translator must aware from source and targeted languages, their formations, language structure and grammar.


Translation studies, Religious Knowledge, fiction, short story, world’s writers.

Rodeni M. Yousaf is with Pakistan Study Centre, University of Balochistan, Quetta.

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05: The New Inclination in Brahui Modern Poetry

Sani L.Ali

Pages: 74-88


This research article describes the modern inclination in Brahui modern poetry. Brahui poetry has verity in this consideration. This article informs that the Brahui modern poetry commenced from 1960 and every decade of modern poetry has different subjects and tendencies. The main and core objectives of article are to define the nationalism, romanticism, pragmatism and feminism their issues and solution. It further shows that Brahui poets and writers have project the social issues and harms of the society. Writers discuss the national integration while they think poetry is the effective tool to convey their massages. This article has analytical approach to determine the Brahui poetry. This article release the related subjects like classical poet Reki desired for a prosperous future. Same theory has been adopted by the modern Brahui poets. This research article give information that how to classify the several tendencies in Brahui poetry. It further proves that the society has accepted the ideas of modern poets.


modern inclination in Brahui Poetry, romanticism, pragmatism, feminism, social issues, Reki- classical poet

Sani L. Ali is with department of Brahui, University of Balochistan Quetta.



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