Volume 7 Number 7-Dec-2015


01: Lexical Experiment in Bráhuí Poetry

Saní L.Alí

Pages: 01-08


This research article shows the experimental improvement in Bráhuí poetry although Bráhuí poetry experiences prosperous itself regarding style, rhyme and genre since 1990. It further proves that senior most lyrists have initiated lexical experiment in Bráhuí poetry. When some ones thoughts, opinions and feelings would dresses up with stylistic experience, then it shows the hardship, sorrows' and trial of life, it is known as self defined poetry too, Which deals with your inner life activity. Such feelings generate lexical experiment and improvement in Bráhuí. This was the period when Bráhuí "ĢAZAL" reached its Destination.


lexical experiment, opinions and feelings, sorrows' and trial, Bráhuí Ģazal.

Saní L.Alí is Editor of Al-Burz and with Department of Bráhuí, University of Balochistan Quetta.

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02: Social and Lingual Background of Bráhuí Proverbs

RaxŞání M.Akram, Mengal Yúsaf

Pages: 09-19


This research article guides the readers about indigenous knowledge of our forefathers. Though they used to pass very simple life but the creativity, power of understanding, ethical values shows their greatness. Every literature begins with folk tendency. In nomadic life people used the folk proverbs, riddles, sayings as tool of refreshment. Or the people called them mental satisfaction game. This article shows that Bráhuí proverbs has it’s linguistically and social importance in its society. These were the indigenous knowledge of the past. People were conveyed their messages with the help of proverbs and quotations.


: knowledge of forefathers, creativity, power of understanding, proverbs, mental satisfaction game

RaxŞání M.Akram is M.Phil Scholar and Mengal Yúsaf is with Department of Brahui, University of Balochistan Quetta.

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03: NewTendencies in Bráhuí Poetry

Şáhvání Ş. Ahmed, Hanfí Munír

Pages: 20-39


This research article describes the new tendencies in Brahui poetry, how can a poet affected by social problems? Brahui poetry distinguished by topics, verses, rhymes, parameters, formats and tendencies. The Brahui poets and lyrists have adopted several tendencies in their writing pieces, such as religious, social and psychological tendencies. The flow of religious tendency commenced from 1760 to 1960s. Especially Durkhani School of thought had promoted the above thoughts in Brahui poetry. It further describes how the romanticism changes the past literary tradition of Brahui? Beside this the local political scenario, national unrest and internationally political changes may cause social tendency in Brahui poetry. Finally this research article ends with this approach those social behaviors, causes psychological tendency.


religious, social and psychological tendencies, romanticism, political scenario

Şáhvání Ş. Ahmed is Chairperson of Brahui Department University of Balochistan and Hanfí Munír is M.Phil scholar

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04: Review of Maolana Akhter Muhammad Mengal’s literary works

Mengal G.Farooq and Lehŕí Naşnás

Pages: 40-49


This review article reveals the literary work of Maolana Akhter Muhammad Mengal, a religious scholar of Kalat State. Who is the author of 19 books? Mr. Mengal, known as nationalistic approaches despite of he was a great religious scholar. It further acknowledges the Mengals work in Brahui after the Durkhani School of thought. Once again his work reminds religious literature in Brahui. In the last this review article deals with that he deserves to be research on his work.


Maolana Akhter Muhammad Mengal, Kalat State, reminds religious literature

Mengal G.Farooq and et al is M.Phil Scholar

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05: The Problem of Literary Translations in Brahui

Jávid M. Salím

Pages: 50-55


The given article deals with definition of prose translation and also on pertinent solution of those. The translation in Brahui Language is comparatively new as a result Brahui Translators are unaware of translation techniques. Here are some prose translation problems and their solution is mentioned. Hopefully will be helpful to overcome these problems/ difficulties literary prose translation.


prose translation, techniques

Jávid M. Salím is M.Phil Scholar

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